The conversation around transportation impact and urban transportation development needs to be centered around the user. For too long we have centered this conversation around the automobile. From the Big Dig, to big parking lots, we have built infrastructure for one type of transportation. The truth is, we get around in a variety of ways. Some folks bike, some folks walk, some take public transportation, and others drive. We need to work together to advocate for transit infrastructure that serves all modes of transportation and decreases our dependence on fossil fuels.

  • We must advocate for richer data in transportation studies. Too often we are provided inadequate data to make informed decisions on traffic mitigation in Allston-Brighton. From ideation to completion, let’s get to work implementing reliable multi-modal transit with dedicated bus lanes, protected bike lanes, and efficient and timely rail service.

  • The decisions we make now will have lasting effects on our community. If we allow ourselves to dream big, and figure out ways to be bolder, then together we can work to find ways to move an increasing number of people around as efficiently as possible. I will always look at transportation projects with that lens – think big and look forward.

  • Driving and parking in and around the district have become a laborious task, put lightly. We must ensure long-term policy solutions to ease the congestion of our roadways. We must employ traffic calming measures and encourage new developments to limit their parking-resident ratio to incentivize multi-modal transit.

  • Allston-Brighton represents the largest number of cycle commuters across the city, we need to increase the visibility, safety, and viability of this mode of transportation.