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Born into a pastor’s family, the values of community service and social justice were instilled in Brandon from a young age. He has been a lifelong advocate for social change, which he believes begins at the local level.

Due to demands of the church, Brandon and his family moved to many cities and towns across the US, including Flint, Michigan. Brandon moved to Allston-Brighton in 2009 after graduating from Central Michigan University.

An educator who has worked in Allston-Brighton for the past seven years, Brandon has spent two years working at the Jackson-Mann K8 and is now in his fifth year at the Thomas A. Edison K8. He has used his time as a teacher making meaningful connections with hundreds of students and families throughout Allston, Brighton, and other Boston communities. These relationships are what has inspired him to work for all members of his community.

During Brandon’s time in Allston-Brighton, he has spent extensive time meeting and building relationships with many artists who call our neighborhood home. He understands that creating art is a passion for many and has seen first hand the balancing act of trying to make ends meet. He supports local musicians, helps organize gallery showings, and advocates for the creative community: an integral part of the district’s identity.

Brandon believes that diversity is our strength, and wants to preserve and grow the multicultural community we all love. He is prepared to bring the concerns of Allston-Brighton to Boston’s City Council to ensure that it is the neighbors who develop the neighborhood.

In his spare time, Brandon is an avid cyclist who loves to ride in the city he loves. He intends to advocate for safe and reliable transportation for all.