Thank You!

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Thank You! 1

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who came out on election day! I am unbelievably proud of the grassroots campaign we ran. Together, we got almost 3,000 people to vote for a campaign that champions the vitality of this district, believes in the ability of our district to come together to determine progressive change, and works for it.

I am so proud of my community, who organized several benefits that showcased Allston-Brighton artists and their DIY-ethic, while raking in hundreds of small donations. I am so proud of my team who knocked on thousands of doors and discussed the issues with residents, and who gave their time and skills to engage in the process with pedicabs and beyond. I am so proud of my co-teachers, my students and their parents, who, everyday, encouraged me to keep going. Their hustle and grit are an inspiration––one for an equitable future.

To the first-time voters and long-time voters that cast their ballot for me, thank you! I think that what we accomplished on election day is incredible, and I am beyond excited that Allston-Brighton had so many voters show up to participate.

The campaign was always community- and issues- focused. Everyday, I hear the conversations happening around our neighborhood about affordability and safer streets. We had great success bringing new voices into the conversation, and I don’t want that to end because of the outcome on election day. I want all of my supporters to plug-in and engage with the broader conversation happening in our community.

I am asking you to show up to meetings, to meet more members of Allston-Brighton, and to voice your opinions on issues facing our neighborhood. This is more than a vote, it is about our commitment to our neighborhood and its future. I am available to help people catch up to speed with proposed development projects. The @VoteBowserD9 Twitter account will continue to be used as a way of communicating about Allston-Brighton and important community events and issues.

I don’t want the momentum that came from this election to be lost. It has always been my goal to bring more people into the fold with regard to where our neighborhood is heading, and how we can work together to make an Allston-Brighton that is a place where families, seniors, artists, tradespeople, immigrants, young professionals, and everyone else can continue to call and make home. Again, I urge you to plug-in, engage, and make change.

Thank you, again, so much for everything that you have done along the way, you have made this bid for city council inspiring, exciting, and worth all the hard work.

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