Brandon Bowser announces campaign for Boston City Council District 9 seat

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Today, Brandon Bowser launches his campaign for Boston City Council District 9 to ensure that neighbors develop the neighborhood.

“Allston-Brighton needs forward-thinking planning in order to preserve existing communities while it transitions into the future. My goal is to be accessible and transparent, with an inclusive platform meant to support and elevate Allston-Brighton residents of all ages and all backgrounds,” said Bowser, 31.

In Boston, a third of all residents are 20-34 years old. In Allston-Brighton, that demographic makes up more than half of the population. While other districts have elected politicians who represent the youthful, newer Boston, the youngest neighborhood has yet to elect someone who can speak to the many concerns of that generation.

Home ownership rates have declined over the past decade. Pathways to homeownership and sustainable housing are equally as precarious to younger populations as they are to existing homeowners. Bowser pledges to advocate for all neighbors, families, and students, whether they rent or own.

While the opportunities that come along with rapid development are welcomed, there must be assurances that it is done in a fair and equitable way. Fair development includes not just affordability, but also an environment in which small, independent, innovative, and diverse businesses thrive.

Bowser will advocate for safe and reliable transportation, particularly as new developments crop up in his district. He wishes to encourage cooperative dialogue between users of all modes of transportation in the hopes of creating usable, safe and livable streets.

“The City should be working and protecting the rich culture of art and music that Allston-Brighton has been producing for decades,” Bowser adds. “Artists often feel like there is less incentive to stay in Boston and often uproot themselves to larger cities. I will work towards creating community spaces wherein all residents can enjoy and support works by area artists so that they can afford to continue creating.”

“I am excited to expand my service for our diverse community,” said Bowser. “As an educator and community member for many years, I have a deep love and understanding of what makes our neighborhood such a fantastic place. I will fight to preserve this, and I hope you join me.”


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